Exercises for Noon and Meem Shaddah (نّ and مّ)

Identify the occurrences of Noon and Meem Shaddah (نّ and مّ) in the following verses. Verse Surah : Verse 78:1 78:2 78:5 78:11 78:16 78:17 78:21 78:27 78:30 78:31 78:36 78:40 Answers The occurrences of Meem and Noon Shaddah (نّ and مّ)  have been underlined in the following verses. Click on the ‘Surah:Verse’ number of each verse to […]

Win a Prize 99 Names of Allah digital picture frame.

We are giving out one digital picture frame with the 99 Names of Allah for free all you have to do is memorize the 99 Names of Allah and here is the link to study them https://dkir.com/allah-99-names/99-names-of-allah/. Once your done and memorized them all, let us know and we will review what you have learned […]

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We at Dkir Quran and Sunnah School and Learning Center have been growing and with technology it making things a bit easier to learn. We are based in Northern Virginia and we are here to help people around the world, providing free education to students worldwide who are willing to learn. We are happy to […]