Ar-Raz-zaaq – The Ever Providing – 99 Names of Allah

Think about Ar-Raz-zaaq It is human nature that we keep desiring for one thing after the other. Our endless desires never fade away. And in this way the circle continues. If we think about the blessings bestowed on us, we will find there are uncountable blessings on us by Allah Almighty. He describes Himself as […]

Al Muhsin – The One Who Does Things Perfectly

Praise Al Muhsin The aim of every person in life should be to know about the Creator. He has provided us with everything for guidance. Our aim should be to develop a deep understanding of Him. 99 names of Allah is a quick way to know about Him, His Powers and His blessings. Everything we […]

As Salaam – The Flawless One – 99 Names of Allah

As Salaam – The Flawless One We observe in our daily life that there is nothing perfect. With the passage of time we become mature in our thinking and actions. But despite of this fact, there are several mistakes that we make in our daily life. Hence over the experience of years, we develop the […]