Al Khaaliq – The Creator – 99 Names of Allah

The Need To Know Al Khaaliq As a child grows, the quest for existence and finding the Creator emerges in him/her. Moreover there comes many moments in life when one is compelled to think about The Creator. Science provides a reason for the existence of everything. Apart from human inventions, there are countless things beyond […]

As-Sayyid – The Master – 99 Names of Allah

A mother is the first and the best master of a child at home. She is the one who teaches the child how to talk, how to eat, how to walk and do pretty much everything in life. The mother always keeps an eye on him. She also fulfills all the needs of her child. The […]

An Naseer – The Ever Helping – 99 Names of Allah

Add Positivity In Life We come across many situations in our daily life when something reminds us of something else in our past. It is human nature to develop relative remembrance of activities taking place all the time around us. You should add something in your life which will lead you towards positivity. No matter […]

Ash Shaafee – The Healer – 99 Names of Allah

It is a common practice observed by the people to seek the advice of medical professionals in case of illness. There are some people who try to cure themselves by taking medicines or following certain medical hacks. There are also some people who go to doctors for long treatments while others seek Ash Shaafee in […]

Al Qareeb – The Close One – 99 Names of Allah

Do you feel discontented? Are you always wishing for what you see in people’s lives? Do you think life is unfair to you? Do you wish that troubles of your life will go away? ‘Al Qareeb’ (The Close One) Answer to all or most of these questions is affirmative for people who are far from religion. Islam […]

Al Baatin – The Knower of Hidden Things – 99 Names of Allah

Making 99 Names of Allah a part of your everyday routine is the easiest way to get rid of depression and hypertension that has become a prerequisite of today’s fast paced life. The best thing about memorizing and repeating the 99 Names of Allah (like Al Baatin) throughout the day is that one does not […]

Al Awwal – The First – 99 Names of Allah

Everyone likes to be called with their names; it is our identity and our names are very dear to us. We all acknowledge the existence and supremacy of Allah – The All Powerful. Allah has taught us different names through which we can pass our supplications to Him and remember Him throughout the day. His […]