The name of Allah | Al Mu’izz | The Giver of Honor

24-almuizzName: Al Mu’izz

Meaning: The Giver of Honor

Quranic Evidence: “Behold, all honour belongs to God alone.” 4:139

Description: Al-Mu’izz is very closely related to Al-Aziz, the most glorious. Al-Mu’izz is the one who grants honor, the one who glorifies, the one who makes it possible for anyone to be respected.

Allah is surely al- `Aziz, the Mighty One Who subdues and is never subdued, Who strengthens His friends by His favor, protecting them against sinning, forgiving their faults, permitting them to reside in Paradise, the abode of His Munificence.

Then He honors them by permitting them to witness His manifestations and see His signs. He is the One who empowers His prophets by protecting them against erring, granting them victory, protecting them, raising their status among their people.

Allah gives material power to whoever He will.

“You exalt whom You will, and You abase whom You will; in Your hand is the good”  (3:26).

But this sort of power is not always a reward; it could be a test: how would a powerful man behave?

“But seek, amidst that which Allah has given you the Last Abode, and do not forget your portion of the present world; and do good, as Allah has been good to you” (28:77).

Thus a believer’s sense of pride and power, issues from his faith and knowledge that Allah will always support him. “Surely We shall help Our Messengers and those who have believed, in the present life, and upon the day when the witnesses arise.” -40:51

Allah can give us honor to him he wills, but this honor is a test. When you are a head figure of any organization, you have a sense of power and authority and sometimes arrogance. But we have to remember that it does not matter who you are: President, Prime Minister, Student Council, MSA board, any and every position where we are honored was only done by Allah, and Allah alone.

Whenever we are put in any position of honor, we need to say, Alhumduiallah, all praises are due to Allah and all honor is given from Allah, Allah is Al-Mu’izz.

by Muhammad Shoaib Raza

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