The letter RA

The Rules of the letter ر (‘RA’) There are 2 categories as the letter can either be:ht Tafkheem (rough / thick) ﺗَﻔْﺨِﻴْﻢ Tarqeeq (soft / thin) ﺗَﺮْﻗِﻴْﻖ Tafkheem To produce this sound the back of the tongue rises in the mouth. This elevation of the tongue produces a thick or heavy sound. There are 5 categories […]

the letter meem

      The Rules of Meem Saakina     The rules of are called shafawee ( ﺷَﻔﻮي ) as the makhraj of the is the lips (shafatain = pair of lips)   Idghaam Shafawee Presence of a  followed by another  The first one carries a and the second carries a vowel Hence, a  will be created and shown on the second  Resulting […]

The Letter Laam

The Letter ل (‘Laam’) Like the letter ‘ra’, the letter ‘laam’ can also be pronounced as a thick / full mouth (tafkheem) or thin (tarqeeq) letter. Tafkheem To produce this sound, the tongue elevates in the mouth producing a thick/ heavy sound. 2 categories: The in the pronunciation of the name ‘Allah’ ﷲ , when it is […]

Exercise-Hamza tul Wasl

Exercises Verse Surah : Verse 7:3 7:49 9:31 9:41 16:125 17:14 17:21 20:24 20:31 36:21 79:17 89:28 96:1 Answers Hamza tul Wasl The occurences of Hamza tul Wasl are underlined in the following table. Click on the ‘Surah:Verse’ number of each verse to hear audio Verse Surah : Verse   7:3 7:49 9:31 9:41 16:125 […]


The letter Hamzah (ء) There are two types of hamzah that appear in the Qur’an. Both are read and treated differently   Sign in Qur’an is ء May appear anywhere within a word. It is always pronounced   Sign in the Qur’an is ٱ Appears only at the beginning of a word. Pronounced only if […]

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INTRODUCTION   Welcome to our completely unique, online ‘Let’s learn to read Qur’an’ programme, available to all at absolutely no cost. We recognise that not everyone is able to readily access regular lessons in the art of learning to read the Holy Qur’an. Perhaps you are learning to read the Qur’an and require extra practise […]